Brown patches can often be caused from a lack of water

Brown patches on your lawn can be a real eyesore. The two most common causes for brown patches tend to be cutting your lawn too short, letting your grass get too long and under watering.

Cutting your grass too short encourages moss and thatch development, whereas not cutting your grass enough can lead to dehydration and competition for water.

To avoid brown patches we recommend that you regularly water your lawn (see our watering advice for more info). Ensure you cut your lawn once a week and on a high setting (don’t cut your lawn too short). If you do have pets that urinate in your garden this can also lead to brown patches, try and introduce a designated area for your pets to do their business.

In order to fully protect yourself from brown patches you’ll also need to prevent your lawn from disease and have annual scarification and aeration of your lawn, which is all part of Custom Lawn Care’s treatment programme.

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