An unmowed lawn can cause you more problems

Nobody likes looking at a lawn which is overgrown and messy, it can be a real eyesore. But as well as making your lawn look tidy and well kept, regular mowing is curical for achieving healthy grass. You should be aiming to cut your lawn once a week, this gets your grass used to be cut regular. Grass can be very sensitive, cutting your grass less than this can cause it to go into shock, leading to patches, weeds and moss infestation.

Rule one, don’t wait for the lawn to get too long. As your grass gets longer it becomes harder for water to penetrate the soil and be absorbed by the roots. It also means that the blades of grass are competing for sunlight.

On the contrary don’t cut your grass too short either. We understand that it is easy to think “I’ll save myself a chore. If I cut off more now, then I won’t have to cut it again for a while”, but you should never cut your lawn less than one inch. ‘Scalping’ will lead to moss infestation and weeds, so never put your lawnmower on the lowest setting.

Now we know it’s not always possible to mow your lawn once a week, especially when you go on a well-deserved holiday or break. However fight the temptation on your return to cut too much off at once. Mow your lawn twice with a week’s break in-between to get it to a nice healthy length.

Always ensure the blades on your mower are sharp.

To finish always rake off any excess clippings as leaving them will encourage thatch.

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