Gain control of your weed or moss problems

Weeds are common place in even the best kept lawns. At Custom Lawn Care Ltd we specialise in the control of unsightly weeds such as dandelions, daisies and plantains as well as the fine leaved weeds such as clover and yarrow. Removing weeds will free up moisture, air and nutrients that the grass was having to compete for leaving it free to flourish to the best of its ability.

Remember not all weeds are killed by any one weed killer, we understand which products have the best results against specific weed species.

Moss is often found in lawns where the soil is low in nutrients due to the presence of too much water. We offer Scarification and Aeration services to help you beat your moss infestation minimising its presence on your lawn. Without the presence of moss your lawn will be greener and healthier. We can also strengthen up your grass to make it more resistant against disease.