Moss is extremely common in the UK

Moss is any lawn owners nemesis. Unfortunately it is extremely common in UK lawns, with some lawns being more susceptible to moss than others. Fortunately Custom Lawn Care are experts in dealing with moss and our treatment programme can help to hugely reduce it from your lawn.

Conditions that moss loves

  • Waterlogged lawns
  • Lawns covered with shade
  • Damp lawns
  • Lawns cut too short

How to combat moss

The scarification services offered by Custom Lawn Care can really help combat moss. We can remove surface thatch that clogs up your lawn helping moss to thrive.

You can help fight moss too. An important step is to not cut your lawn too short, cutting your lawn too short actively encourages moss growth.

Try to reduce the amount of shade covering your lawn wherever possible. A lawn that is shadowed and has lack of sunlight will always be more susceptible to moss.

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