Let's go to battle against weeds

Homeowners often really struggle with weeds but our lawn treatment programme will kill any weeds growing in your lawn. If your lawn has any of the weeds listed below then please get in touch to arrange a free lawn assessment. Once we’ve applied our weed treatment we recommend waiting 3 days before mowing your lawn.


The most common unwanted lawn guest in the UK. Daisies are common because they grown in all soil types and typically flower for most of the year.


The second most common weed you’ll in your lawn is Dandelions. Similiar to Daisies you can find these in your lawn throughout the year. These are a particular pest because they can grow anywhere and in any condition.

White Clover

This is a serious nemesis for any lawn owner and can be a real pain. White Clover can be very difficult to get rid of if you don’t know what you are doing. It can also frustrate lawn owners because it also flowers on regularly cut lawns.

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