Scarification looks brutal but it's a crucial process

Scarification is the operation for removal and reduction of thatch and moss from the lawn. It is also the process in which your lawn is tidied up, sorting out any straggly lateral growth in your lawn.

At Custom Lawn Care Ltd we offer full scarification services helping to encourage the healthy growth of your lawn, improving its appearance and reducing the risk of fungal disease. As well as improving penetration of moisture and nutrients, scarification can also aid in discouraging insect infestations such as chafer grubs and leatherjackets. It is always important, following scarification, that the lawn be aerated to allow the grass roots to penetrate into the soil.

Aeration is the process of opening up the soil root zone to insure deeper root growth and healthier grass. Good soil is the foundation to any healthy lawn, if a soil has become too compacted due to lots of use, aeration can be used to help breathe life back into your soil.

We offer Aeration services that relieve compact soil, increasing the flow of air, moisture and nutrients to the root of the grass. Less compact soil encourages deeper root growth which can greatly increase the strength of your lawn. Aeration can also help prevent the growth of moss due improving the drainage of water on the lawn service.