Safe for your kids and pets

At Custom Lawn Care Ltd we pride ourselves on only using organic, biologically friendly fertilisers.

Organic fertilisers are becoming more and more popular as people seek methods of lawn care that are not harmful to the environment. Whereas the benefits of using organic and natural products has been well documented for some time, many people are still put off using them due to a lack of knowledge and the difficulty and skill involved in applying them.

At Custom Lawn Care Ltd we have been using organic fertilisers for over 18 years and have extensive knowledge of not only which products to use but how to use them in order to get the best out of your lawn.

Organic fertilisers are a natural, healthier alternative to the over used chemical fertilisers that have been known to “scorch” and kill grass roots. Where chemical fertilisers have been shown to kill beneficial soil bacteria (mycorrhyza), organic fertilisers encourage the development of natural soil bacteria helping to keep grass stronger and healthier for longer. Organic fertilisers also provide a longer lasting effect on your lawn as they do not leach out with the first rainfall. Organic fertilisers tend to be bulkier in comparison to inorganic fertilisers because they contain greater levels of essential micronutrients and trace elements such as iron, zinc, boron, molybdenum and chlorine.